The Rock-Home Dispersal Sale of Hillsboro, Kansas

The Rock-Home Dispersal Sale held this past Saturday, April 26th in Hillsboro, Kansas, will be remembered as the end of a chapter but definitely not the end of the Winter Family story in the dairy business. Three generations of dedicated cowmen developed this herd and assembled some of the breed’s best pedigrees ever to be offered in a single herd dispersal. The ending result was a solid average of $4,465.37 on 161 lots.

The first part of the sale was …

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beard and suit

Growth of Beards Causes Uptick In Male Shaver Products in 2015

The steady rise of beard and beard culture has lead to an astounding augmentation in the male grooming market in 2015. Products such as beard trimmers and electric shavers have been in a higher demand than ever before, thanks to cultural phenomenon’s such as No Shave November. But finding a great beard trimmer in 2015 is not such an easy task as the demand has been met with a lot of companies entering the competition. Many of them are still …

Freddie Gray death protest in Baltimore cause Orioles Fans To Get Stuck in Stadium

A Freddie Gray death protest has been in the works in Baltimore over the weekend in late April, following yet another police officer involved with a killing. Freddie Gray was arrested a few weeks ago and died from a broken neck while he was in custody, leading many to believe that the officer killed him purposely. This can have dire repercussions in a court of law and we will see how this plays out in the near future.
For now, …


Russian Hackers Accessed Obama’s Email

Russian Hackers Accessed Obama’s Email, according to several reports out there today. United States officials first reported this and it has gone viral over the last couple of days. According the reports, President Obama’s emails were breached last year when the White House security breach occurred. Hackers did not go as far as accessing the President’s wireless device in which he carries with him at all times, but they did read the archives of some emails with people inside the …